D’Origem, based in Casal de Loivos, was founded in 2001. It produces and sells wines and products of the Douro region.


This company stands out for the quality of the products it has to offer: red, white and rosé wines, grape juice, olive oil and honey. In Casal de Loivos, 6 km from the village of Pinhão, enjoy the magnificent landscape over the Douro River, visit our winery and taste the wines Velha Geração or Herança, surrounded by vineyards that have passed through generations, whose grapes are the soul of our precious nectar.

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The estate has carefully cultivated vineyards, taking advantage of the unique conditions of the Douro terroir. The grapes are harvested by hand, ensuring the selection of the best bunches, and winemaking is carried out with care and attention to detail, resulting in wines with a rich and authentic flavor.

Who we are


D’Origem is a producer and bottler of D.O.C. Douro wines (Denomination of Controlled Origin), born in 2001. D’Origem is committed to the quality of its wines, which come from its properties located in Casal de Loivos, 6km from Pinhão, in the Douro Demarcated Region. The commercialized brands: Herança, Velha Geração and D’Origem, are a tribute to the generations of family members who, over many years, have produced some of the best wines in the region.

Besides wines, D’Origem produces and commercializes: Olive oil, honey and grape juice.

When you go to Casal de Loivos you can also visit the Olive Oil Museum, owned by D’Origem, a place where olive oil was produced by the traditional system until 2000. If you wish you can taste the olive oil and the remaining products of this Douro company.


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