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The creation in 1926 of the “unique and private Port Wine Warehouse” in Vila Nova de Gaia reinforced the monopoly of the Port Wine Merchants in the commercialization of Port Wine. In this way, the producing class was totally excluded from the commercialization and exportation for more than half a century.

In 1986, and after several years of effort and dedication of a small group of winemakers, the Association of Port and Douro Wine Producers-Bottlers – AVEPOD – was born. With it, the status of Producer-Bottler was reinforced, with special emphasis on the possibility for a winegrower to commercialize and export his own wine from the Demarcated Douro Region. This initiative put an end to the exclusivity of the Companies in the commercialization of the wine produced in the Douro.

After 30 years, AVEPOD continues with the main mission of defending the interests of its members, striving to promote their wines nationally and internationally.

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