Quinta das Peixotas


Quinta das Peixotas is a wine estate located in the Douro region of Portugal. The estate has a rich history and is known for producing high quality wines.

The Quinta das Peixotas estate has extensive vineyards, where different varieties of grapes are grown, taking advantage of the characteristic climatic conditions and soil of the Douro. The owners and staff of the quinta are dedicated to the care of the vineyards, using both traditional and modern viticultural techniques to obtain grapes of exceptional quality.

The quinta specializes in the production of red wines and Port wines. Through a meticulous winemaking process, which includes fermentation, aging and careful barrel selection, Quinta das Peixotas creates complex wines with rich flavors and distinctive characteristics.



Jorge Almeida

At this moment the company is led by 4 women – Jorge Almeida daughters and wife – who continue the project, motivated by the same ideals and as the greatest of tributes.

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Quinta das Peixotas comprises an area of about 30 hectares and is located in northern Portugal, in the Douro Demarcated Region, south of the parish of Canelas, near the city of Peso da Régua – capital of wine and vineyards.

This region is bathed by the Douro River (with its mouth in the city of Porto) and is internationally known for its DOC Douro wines and especially for its famous Port Wine.

The long tradition of viticulture is revealed in a landscape of special beauty, which highlights the work over the centuries in the construction of schist walls that extend the slopes and contribute to the authenticity of the region.

With a very special terroir, the mid-slope, Quinta das Peixotas has a belvedere that offers a magnificent landscape, in the heart of the Douro Wine Region, where the vineyards are implanted in schist soils and arranged in terraces.


Quinta das Peixotas

Quinta das Peixotas comprises an area of about 30...

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