Vale da Corça

The Douro is harsh and distinct, a throne of rivers and a homeland of grape varieties. Such is the whisper that echoes among the vines rooted in the geios, landforms carved by Gods and made perfect by men. Irreprehensible in its uniqueness, the Douro alternates scenarios of aridity and river, granite cliffs and schist murals, old vines and new vines, ravishing those who live there and making those who see it for the first time fall hopelessly in love.

From the link between generations of a family from the Tua Valley, people proud of their rough soil, the excellence of Vale da Corça wines is born. A repeated cycle of sweat on the rough schist, confident in the succession between heat and cold and tempered by rain on time. The culture of the Douro Vineyard is lived in 12 months where uncertainty is trusted, waiting for a generous September.

Love, passion, rapture, enchantment, and wild serenity. These are some of the emotions one experiences when looking at the Douro. The Sequeira Mesquita family is an ambassador of this land of contrasts, which presents those who visit with their passion for the culture of the Douro people and its distinctive landscapes. From the love for the land and the Douro varieties, stubborn and resilient, Vale da Corça wines are born.


Vale da Corça

Vale da Corça wines are exclusively produced from the traditional Douro grape varieties, red and white, namely,
Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão, Trincadeira, Sousão, Malvasia Fina, Rabigato, Códega, Códega do Larinho and Viosinho.

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“The Doiro sublimated. The prodigy of a landscape that ceases to be by force of unmeasuring itself. It is not a panorama that the eyes contemplate: it is an excess of nature. Socalcos that are the footsteps of titanic men climbing the slopes, volumes, colors, and modulations that no sculptor, painter, or musician can translate, horizons dilated beyond the plausible limits of vision. A virginal universe, as if it had just been born, and already eternal because of the harmony, the serenity, the silence that not even the river dares to break, sometimes furtively disappearing behind the mountains, sometimes stupefied deep down reflecting its own amazement. A geological poem. Absolute beauty.” 

Miguel Torga in “Diary XII”


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