Parceiros na Criação


PNC is the acronym for Parceiros Na Escolha, but also for the nicknames of its creators: Pratas & Nápoles de Carvalho, respectively. Joana and João are a young couple who decided to invest in the production and marketing of wines and olive oil in the Douro. More than a company, they wanted to create a family project, in which their children: Maria Teresa and António Maria are an active part.

In 2010, Parceiros Na Escolha (PNC) was already an embryo. As a company it was incorporated on August 13, 2012, but only established in 2013, with the launch of its first wines and olive oil. A year with a lot of meaning, for the birth of Maria Teresa.

There is no embryo without a seed and this was left in João’s hands at the age of 21, when, full of determination, he moved from Espinho to the Douro Vinhateiro, settling on the family property to manage the destinations of Quinta de Monte Travesso de Cima , in Barcos, Tabuaço – the part inherited by his father, António Pedro. João’s love for that ‘land’ and the warm desire to continue the family legacy made him awaken to his true vocation: agriculture. He graduated in Agricultural Management at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD) and took several courses in vineyards and wine.

João is from the Douro family, soul and heart, to whom Quinta do Monte Travesso says almost everything. The property, which once covered around 100 hectares, was offered by Artur de Magalhães Pinto Ribeiro – João’s paternal great-grandfather; and one of the three founders of Casa do Douro and its first president – to his daughter Margarida do Carmo, as a wedding dowry, celebrated with Manuel de Nápoles Afonso de Carvalho. With his parents and paternal grandparents, it was there that João lived his early childhood; there he would return in time for holidays and harvests. In 1996, he came back for good and lives there until today. He married and started a family.

On June 18, 2011, Vintage year!, João married Joana Pratas, who left Lisbon and her job to go to the Douro. Joana worked at the Imago communication agency, where she met Margarida, João’s sister and the cupid in their relationship. She assumed the position of PR & Communications Manager at FOX International Channels Portugal when she decided to create her own business. She thus became an energetic communication consultant, with clients in the sectors where she had just immersed herself: tourism, gastronomy and wine.

Together, they made the dream of being Partners in Creation in life and in wine come true. On February 6, 2013, Maria Teresa was born, making them three. Three were also the products with which PNC started, under the h’OUR brand. On December 1, 2014, António Maria was born and, coincidentally (or not!), they launched a new wine.

In 2018, a new cycle began at PNC. In wines, there was a need for a reformulation. The brands Casa da Esteira and Esteira were born. Casa da Esteira because it is the name by which the house of Quinta de Monte Travesso de Cima is known, which the couple decided to rebuild in 2019.



Parceiro na Criação

“The time has come to share what is ours. Ours that we want to be yours!”. It was under this motto that Parceiros Na Creation was inspired to “design” its first brand: h’OUR.

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With the development of the Parceiros Na Criação project and the experience gained in the market, it made sense to reformulate the portfolio and create the Esteira brand, closely linked to the house built in Quinta do Monte Travesso de Cima. It refers to the mat that was used to protect one of the outer doors of the house from the sun.

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