Quinta da Prelada

Quinta da Prelada is a producer of Douro and Port wines, based in Vila Seca de Poiares, Peso da Régua.

Built in the early 17th century and owned by the Magalhães e Silva family, wine producers in the Douro Region for 5 generations.

It has a total area of 60ha. The size and the rugged orography of the property result in vineyards with multiple exposures and elevations (from 250 to 510 meters), which promotes the production of excellent Vintage Ports, Douro and Olive Oil.


Quinta da Prelada

Our Ports are made using traditional winemaking processes, after destemming, the grapes are crushed in lagares, where they ferment for 2 or 3 days. This operation, known as treading, is traditionally done by men. During this period, successive steps are taken to maximize the extraction of coloring matter and other components that will give structure and longevity to the wines.

Our Wines